Tenant Billing - Energy Hippo's Streamlined Utility Billing and Re-Billing Software

Tenant Billing empowers you to push your actual costs to the appropriate owner or driver.  

Our Tenant Billing feature can automate the import of interval, billing, and meter reads, and create sophisticated methods for allocating costs to individual departments, cost centers, or tenants.  All allocations are also available for consumption, cost, and greenhouse gas reporting and benchmarking.  Develop accountability for consumption and costs, and improve the efficiency and quality of your data management.  Leverage EEM Suite Bill Analyst and Meter Data Analyst reports and analytics to provide energy management capabilities for tenants and cost centers.

Features & Capabilities of Energy Hippo's Utility Billing Software

  • Allocate percentages and fixed amounts

  • Support for allocations to metered and non-metered spaces

  • Push bill reports the next day to department heads with event notifications

  • Interface as system of record with handheld meter reading software

  • Rebill third party tenants based on submetered usage and internal or actual utility rates

  • Define hierarchical, parent-child bill meter relationships

  • Review accurate audit trail for rebill accounting

  • A/P integration for generating tenant and cost center bills

  • Accrual reports and advanced financial reporting

  • Leverage Meter Data Analyst reporting for meter data rebilling accounts

  • Leverage Bill Analyst reporting for monthly billing accounts

Tenant Billing Case Studies & Whitepapers

  • Pennsylvania State University

    • Energy Hippo installed a full EEMS software and dashboard, replacing the existing Energy Cap database with a billing solution in EEM Suite.

  • Large US Airport

    • Energy Hippo provided a system to process the utility bills and monitor and track all energy expenses from both third-party suppliers and investor owned utility companies. The system accommodates manual, automated, calculated, and estimated meter readings and integrates with PeopleSoft financials.

  • Campus Billing and Energy Management Systems

    • Best practices in program design and execution

  • Region of Peel Case Study

    • The Region’s bills are entered into EEM Suite Bill Analyst, a component of EEM Suite™. The system immediately identifies billing anomalies, such as unusually high usage, through the automatic application of more than 30 bill validation tests.  These validation tests have helped the Region identify many billing discrepancies for which they seek timely resolution with their utility providers.  Users are also proactively notified by the system of missing or late bills which has helped ROP reduce late fees.

  • Sacramento County Case Study

    • Energy Hippo provides a system to process utility bills and allocate utility costs to departments and tenants using multiple allocation rules. Data is exported to financial systems for payment. The system automatically downloads bills from the utility and automatically imports them into the system. The system integrates with multiple building control systems and Green Button for real-time interval data import.