Do you know how much you're spending on energy and water? Our energy management software systems make it easy! Our intuitive, web-based platform allows you to design and execute energy management strategies that reduce your energy usage, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions... read more

Energy Hippo EEM Suite Overview


 Intuitive, Web-Based Platform

Our energy management software is intuitive and easy to use and includes web-based reporting and analytics.

Provides Simple Utility Reporting Over Time

You will be able to see your utility usage and costs over many years and in different locations, which will help you determine where to make changes.

Reduces Energy Costs and Greenhouse Gases

Our energy management software will save you money and also help to save natural resources.

Energy Management Questions We Can Help Answer

1) What is your energy and water spend by facility or cost center?
2) Is energy data in demand across your organization?
3) Are energy costs being allocated efficiently and appropriately?
4) Are you recovering your costs?

5) Which facilities are best or worst relative to other properties in the region? Or across your entire portfolio?
6) Are you operating efficiently?
7) Are you influencing energy conservation behavior?


Our Energy Efficiency Software Features

·      Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tracking & Reporting
·      Web-Based Reporting & Analytics
·      Automated & Manual Bill Entry
·      Tenant Billing & Allocation
·      Hosted & Customer Premise Implementations

·      Enterprise Integration & Data Warehousing
·      Automated Interval Data Collection
·      Utility Grade Tariff Engine
·      Custom Report Engine
·      ENERGY STAR Integration