We are committed to the long-term success of our customers.

Energy Hippo is a leading provider of energy management software.  Our clients have been using our software since 1999 to rebill tenants and allocate utility costs, track energy and water data, calculate Greenhouse Gas inventories, benchmark buildings, interface with ENERGY STAR, measure energy savings, streamline utility bill processing, create budgets and forecasts, and much more. 

Our approach is to engage directly with our customers and design solutions that save money, energy and water, and time.  We understand that every customer is different and that every energy management system is a collection of devices, processes, software, and workflows that change over time.  Our software platform is secure and stable and adaptable to different needs and changing situations.

Nitin Manchanda - Chief Executive Officer

Nitin’s responsibilities include managing the company's finances, ensuring customer satisfaction, and securing new business opportunities.  He holds an MBA, and his prior work experience includes starting a large consultancy and leading and growing two successful startups.  He helps clients to efficiently manage energy information and to make strategic short and long-term operating decisions that yield meaningful cost and risk reductions. 

Marlin Bachmeier - Chief Technology Officer

Marlin is the leader of Energy Hippo’s development team and is responsible for developing the company’s long-term technology vision.  He has over sixteen years of experience in the energy management industry and seven years of experience managing and supervising projects in the petroleum industry.  Marlin has a proven track record in business application design, installation, and configuration, and a thorough understanding of the EEM Suite technical architecture.  He has also successfully managed the development and release of multiple EEM Suite products.

Jason Freeman - Chief Operating Officer

Jason has been working with EEM Suite for over fifteen years and is a strong advocate of using software and other technologies in the design and implementation of energy management programs.  Jason leads Energy Hippo's product management team and provides senior support to the service and development teams.  Jason received a BA in Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz , a BS in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MS in Urban & Regional Planning from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.