• 44,000 employees 
  • EEM system for billing accuracy, facility management, and energy procurement. 
  • Integration with controls and other building systems 
  • Replaced a prior Energy Management System 


Energy Hippo installed a full EEMS software and dashboard, replacing the existing Energy Cap database with a billing solution in EEM Suite.


Interval data is collected by Johnson Controls and then collected by EEMS. Billing Data is entered into the system using the Bill Entry Screen. Penn State is currently using the system to do demand management, utility billing, building billing, and tenant rebilling. They are also exporting AP files to their existing billing system. A big benefit to Penn State has been the ability to manage their entire campus and capture strategic as well as operational activities due to the integration of the total campus, including integration with Johnson Controls building controls. 


The additional contract included a sophisticated re-billing system that incorporates local tariffs, actual utility bills, real-time interval data, interval data aggregation, support for non-metered spaces, time-history of percentage based allocation rules, and serves as a system of record for more than 1,000 monthly manual meter reads.