Community Outreach

As part of Energy Hippo's effort to give back to the community, CEO Nitin Manchanda spent most of his day working with the children from TOPS K-8 school to prepare for a trip to visit homeless shelters in the Seattle area.  

The first order of the day was preparing lunch (pictured) for the folks at Tent City 5, near Interbay. They then visited the shelter to meet and provide a healthy lunch option to the group living there. Tent City is managed by its residents, all volunteering for tasks to keep the area clean, alcohol and drug free, and secure. The residents are encouraged to stay for 90 days only, and efforts to provide them with a job and more permanent housing are immediate goals of the shelter. After their visit, the volunteer students continued to walk or bus to other shelters (and will do so for the next couple of days) and help in various ways, and will spend the night sleeping in the basement of churches around Seattle.

Thank you, Nitin!

Nitin Community Service.jpg