EEM Suite 5.0 Release

We are excited to announce the release of EEM Suite 5.0! Our developers have been working hard, updating our platform to deliver a new and improved user experience.

This major release delivers myriad new features including:

  • an entirely new reporting engine; interactive displays built with the latest technology
  • new report setup screen; flyout design to quickly update and regenerate reports
  • new report controls; cascading logic and automatic filtering based on available data
  • new graphing and charting technologies; no longer static, now animated and “clickable”
  • dashboarding capabilities; customize and share a screen showing a set of favorite reports
  • user impersonation feature; available for administrators to provide better user support

This list just skims the top of all the incredible changes we have made to our EEM Suite product. Tune into our next few blog posts—we will dive into these features with screenshots and greater detail to highlight the expansive new capabilities of EEM Suite 5.0!

Click here for full release notes, or contact to learn more.